Ypost: Company Info, Growth, And Media Division

Ypost: Company Info, Growth, And Media Division – Ypost has been the “friendly” name of the New York Post, a daily newspaper that has been published in New York City, New York, since 1801. The name Ypost was born as a spelling error that people make when searching online for the New York Post. 

York Post, but now with more than 2.6 million global searches across the web (see screenshot below) it has become a shorter and funnier way to call the newspaper. Indeed, people also refer to the newspaper as the NY Post, which has resulted in the misspelling of Ypost.

Post Growth

According to research published by SalesForce, Ypost is growing at an astonishing rate of 105% per year. And according to data provided by Similar Web, the company has now reached 111 million monthly visitors.

Ypost’s success, however, is closely tied to News Corp, the company that owns the newspaper. News Corp is now the second-largest conglomerate globally with multiple assets, including media and publishing brand and book publisher HarperCollins. 

One of the company’s most well-known divisions is the Fox Entertainment Group. This division handles film and television distribution for major feature films, including films released by the Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) and Sony Pictures Entertainment (NYSE: SNE).

How To Invest In Ypost

As said earlier, Ypost is owned by News Corp. NASDAQ: The NWSA has been a popular stock since its founding in 2013. Not only does it hold a wide range of assets, it also offers growth opportunities for investors.

The global conglomerate’s business spans six continents, from the UK and Australia to the US and New Zealand.  NWSA, priced at $23.47 at press time, is struggling to transform its business amid rapidly changing consumer behavior. For example, a key pillar of News Corp’s business model is the paywall model: Readers pay a fee to access content that isn’t free. But this model is quickly disappearing from the online world.

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