Six Years Of Analysis From OSRS Reddit

Six Years Of Analysis From OSRS Reddit – Since the release of OSRS, the scape subreddit has become the dominant social media platform. but how popular is scape? Does it see constant and progressive growth? Or is it having a peak in popularity, similar to the OSRS player base since the release of OSRS in early 2013? This post takes a trip into the history of the OSRS Reddit and presents the statistics and accompanying visualizations so you can see the rich history that escapes.

Data CollectionI devoted a lot of time and effort to collecting the necessary data for the analysis presented in this post. This involves scraping every post (post) and comment ever added to the scape subreddit since 2013! This resulted in the collection of more than 5 GB of raw data!

If you’re interested in the technicalities of how I collect this data, be sure to read my post titled WaterCooler: Scraping an Entire Subreddit. In that post, I delve into the technologies, programming code, libraries, APIs, and general methods I use to collect the data analyzed in this post. As a one-sentence summary: I’m using the push shift API coupled with some Python.

Six Years Of Data Analysis From ScapeIf the previous section left you wanting more – keep reading! From here we’ll dig a little deeper into the data and analyze various aspects of the scape subreddit, along with comparisons to the OSRS player base and other interesting statistics. We’ll also try to draw some conclusions with some of the odd trends we’ve discovered along the way.

Analysis of Posts and CommentsWe just talked briefly about the first post, but how has the subreddit evolved since then? To get started, we need to clarify the differences in how content on Reddit is organized. In the world of Reddit, a post is a term used when a user submits content. A post is the same as a post. Comments are anything, good comments! When users reply to certain posts, they do so in the form of comments.

Six Years Of Analysis From OSRS Reddit

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