Lunar New Year Celebrated more than 3500 years ago

Chinese New Year comes from Chinese culture. It is said that the beginning of the Lunar New Year was when farmers in China performed a form of gratitude for the agricultural products given to them.

Gradually they made this celebration a ritual carried out continuously by the farmers.

Since the arrival of ethnic Chinese around the world, lunar Chinese New Year celebrations are also held every year with various activities.

Such as worship, family gatherings, making basket cakes, cleaning the house, wearing red clothes and ornaments, distributing red packets to lion dance performances.

Lunar Chinese New Year celebrations usually last for 15 days. The majority Chinese group in Indonesia, for example, is the Hokkien.
So that the celebration characterized by this group is the most dominant seen in Indonesia.

Until now, Lunar Chinese New Year has become a culture that has been passed down to children and grandchildren of Chinese descent.

Besides happy Chinese New Year, China itself officially has several celebrations such as the Cap Go Meh celebrations. The Dragon Boat Festival Lion Dance, the Mid-Autumn Festival and so on.

Long before the Qin Dynasty, the date for the celebration of Chinese New Year was still unclear. During the Xia Dynasty, the beginning of the year was set at month 1.

The 12th month during the Shang Dynasty, and the 11th month during the Zhou Dynasty in China.

Then entering the end of the Han Dynasty, the celebration was set for the 1st month. According to the calculations of the Chinese calendar and valid until now.

Thus a review of the history of Chinese New Year around the world. Lunar New Year. Gong Xi Fa Cai

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