How to Root Google Pixel 3 4 5 6 Android 12 Easily, No Need to Install TWRP!!

For those of you Google Pixel 3 4 5 6 users who have already updated to Android 12 and want to root your pixel easily without having to install TWRP first. Here we will explain the steps.

First you have to unlock the boatloader first, at this stage we assume you have unlocked the boatloader on your Google Pixel 3 4 5 6 .

Patch & flash boot.img using Magisk Canary Latest Version

First you have to get your Google Pixel boot.img rom first, later the boot.img will be patched using magisk. In some cases we found that boot.img was not available on some stock roms or custom roms when extracted, finally we extracted the payload.bin in the rom using the Python application.
Here’s the order:

  1. Download and install the Magisk Canary App from GitHub.
  2. Extract the rom that is currently used then take the boot.img file from the rom.
  3. Copy the extracted boot.img to your phone and open the magisk application.
  4. Click Install -> Select and Patch a File and wait for the boot.img to be patched by magisk.
  5. Copy the magisk patched boot image which you can find in your Google pixel 3 or 3xl download folder
  6. At this stage you return to your PC with CMD mode.
  7. Reboot your cellphone into fastboot mode by pressing the power button and volume down
  8. then flash the patched boot image with command fastboot flash boot magisk_patched.img, Then reboot your device.
  9. Open the Magisk App and Install the magisk app, in this experiment we are using the magisk 2.4 version.

So that’s how to Root Google Pixel 3 4 5 6 Android 12 Easily, No Need to Install TWRP!!
Good luck, you need to know at your own risk yaa .. Good luck.

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