How to install Wattpad on a laptop, safe and free

Wattpad is one of the most popular novel reading applications. Various genres of novels are available in the application so that readers are not confused in choosing the novel they want to read.

Wattpad is already available on mobile which can be downloaded for free on the Play Store. However, reading on a cellphone is sometimes not satisfying because the cellphone screen is not too big.

Well, did you know that Wattpad is also available for laptops, you know. The following is a summary of from various sources on Tuesday (15/02), how to install Wattpad on a laptop safely and for free. How to install Wattpad.

You can install Wattpad on your laptop through the Microsoft Store. Wattpad available on the Microsoft Store is guaranteed safe and will not cause problems when you use the Wattpad application on your laptop. The way you need to do is as follows.. Type “Microsoft Store” in the search field on your laptop.

  1. After opening the Microsoft Store application, you type “Wattpad” in the search field in the Microsoft Store.
  2. After finding the Wattpad application, click “Get” and wait for the Starting Download notification to appear..
  3. After the download is complete you can choose to directly run the application or add a shortcut on your screen.
  4. Users of the Wattpad application on a laptop will not be confused because the features and user interface displayed on the Wattpad laptop and HP series have similarities.
  5. The difference is only the screen size is wider if you read Wattpad using a laptop. However, because of the wider screen, Wattpad on a laptop will be easier for you to read.

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