How much Does Kim Kardashian Weigh

How much does kim kardashian weigh? Kim Kardashian’s body has seen a lot of changes in recent years. Especially after giving birth to her two children, North West in 2013 and Saint West in 2015, she looks fuller.

But in the past year, Kim Kardashian has returned to look slimmer. In an interview with E! News, this 37-year-old woman revealed that she did experience significant weight loss.

“I lost 20 pounds (about nine kilograms) and I’m very proud of this,” said Kim Kardashian, as reported by People, Thursday (23/8/2018).

Kim Kardashian said that now her body weight is only 116 pounds, or about 52.6 kilograms. Kim Kardashian says there are two ways she loses weight.

How much Does Kim Kardashian Weigh

How much Does Kim Kardashian Weigh

The first is to do weight training. “I exercise about an hour and a half every day, weight training. I don’t do a lot of cardio,” said Kim Kardashian.

This pattern of training, he has been doing for the past year. “I trained very hard with a bodybuilder for a year. September will be exactly a year,” he added.

Another thing he did, was to reduce the sugar in the food he consumed. Instead, he adds a portion of healthy food in his daily menu.

“I really control this now … I don’t want to spoil it because of the food that goes into my mouth,” he said. However, Kanye West’s wife admitted that she still couldn’t resist the temptation to eat their world-famous ice cream.

How much Does Kim Kardashian Weigh? Kim Kardashian admits that weight loss doesn’t happen instantly. “I didn’t see the results right away. But if you keep doing it and you’re consistent, you’ll get it,” he said. (NT)

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