How far is New Zealand from Australia? This is the answer

World– How far is New Zealand from Australia? The closest point between the mainland is between Tasmania and Fjordland.

and is about 924 miles or 1,487 km (unless you don’t count Tasmania as the mainland in which case it is between Cape Howe and Fjordland at 1022 miles/1644 km).

But the closest point between any New Zealand territory to any Australian territory is between Auckland Island and Macquarie Island in the southern seas, which is about 384 miles or 618 km.

How far is New Zealand from Australia?

As a point of interest, it’s also the closest New Zealand to any other country’s territory, which makes it the greatest distance any country has to their closest neighbors (there are islands that are more isolated but they’re not independent states).

Neither of these islands is inhabited, so the closest populated area is Norfolk Island to Cape Reinga, a distance of about 462 miles or 744km.

How far is New Zealand from Australia? On a more practical level, the shortest flight is between Sydney and Queenstown, at 1207 miles/1942km, and the most frequently used flight between Sydney and Auckland is 1343mil/2161km.

Source: Quora

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