BlackBerry Phones Stop Working on January 4, Here’s a List of Cell Phones that Can’t Be Used

BlackBerry Phones Stop Working on January 4, all cellphones that use the BlackBerry operating system can no longer be used starting Tuesday (4/1/2022).

BlackBerry has determined that this date is the end-of-life of the three legacy BlackBerry operating systems.

Examples are Blackberry 7.1 OS, Blackberry 10, and Blackberry PlayBook OS 2.1.

The impact of this discontinuation of services affects various applications. For example BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), BB email, BB Link, BB Desktop Manager, BB Blend, to BB Protect.

This service was discontinued because their business shifted to a company that focused on intelligent security services.

BlackBerry Phones Stop Working on January 4

As for some BB phones that cannot be used starting Tuesday (4/1/2022). However, the termination of this legacy service support is claimed to not affect BB phones running the Android operating system.

BlackBerry 10:
BlackBerry Classic
BlackBerry Passport
BlackBerry Leap
BlackBerry Z10, Z30, Z3
BlackBerry Q10, Q5
Porsche Design P’9982 and P’9983 from BlackBerry

BlackBerry 7.1 OS and earlier versions:
BlackBerry Bold: 9900,9930,9790,9650,9788,9700,9000
BlackBerry Curve: 9380,9370,9360,9350,9330,9300, 9320,9315,9310,9220,8530,8520,,9380, 8900,8980, 8300,8310,8320,8330,8350i
BlackBerry Torch: 9860,9850,9810,9800
BlackBerry Storm: 9500,9530,9520,9550
BlackBerry Pearl: 9100, 8100/8110,8120,8130,8220,8230


BB 9720
BB 9620
Porsche Design P’9981 from BB
BB Tour 9630
BB Style 9670
BB 8800/8820/8830
BB 7130
BB 8700/8707
BB 7100
BB 7290
BB 7730
BB 7230
BB 6720
BB 6230
C++ platform based devices: 850,857,900,950,957
BB PlayBook OS 2.1 and earlier versions:
BB Playbook 4G LTE / 3G+
BB Playbook

BlackBerry was successful because it became a popular mobile phone with a Qwerty keypad in its era in the 2000s era.

But its heyday continues to decline with the advent of the iPhone and Android OS-based phones.

His name is also sinking because it is less popular until now.(*/bbs) BlackBerry Phones Stop Working on January 4

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